Better Data = Better Decisions

Business owners are more empowered than ever to make efficient decisions. Using data tracking and analysis you can see the trends that will impact your business and make informed decisions for the future. Fluent systems are more than just security for your business, their a way or tracking, analyzing and acting on consumer and employee behavior.

Using our custom app and online interface you can run a variety of reports to track and manage how your security system is being used. When business meets data, impactful decisions can be made that lead to long term growth.

Reporting Customized To Your Business

Every business is different and has needs unique to their industry and employees. Track what matters most to you and access reports from anywhere in the world. Businesses have used their Fluent system to manage peak traffic times, in-store product placements and energy usage.

In addition to the added insights that come with Fluent reporting you can also receive notifications when you are away from your business. Get notifications if anything out of the ordinary happens and be able to act quickly in the event of an emergency.