Whether your organization consists of one location or dozens, we can create a system that is perfect for each location’s needs.

Fluent is the leading provider of commercial security integrations. 

Many business owners don’t realize that a commercial security system can serve not only a safeguard against intruders but as an internal tracking and performance tool as well. Using award-winning technology, Fluent creates security solutions that can help you monitor employees and vendors. Using devices such as the GPS vehicle tracking module you can make become more efficient and strategic in your operations.

Employee theft is an incredible black hole. According to Eisner Ramper, two in five bankrupt companies could have avoided bankruptcy by reducing employee theft. Fluent has solutions tailored specifically to reducing and preventing employee theft. The median loss caused by low-level employees is $60,000; by managers – $180,000, reference. Combat employee theft utilizing our powerful analytical engines combined with our surveillance packages.

Corporate surveillance and intrusion systems are an essential component in maintaining the internal and external security of a successful business. At Fluent we are committed to our client’s success and protection.

Below you will find some of the industries we service.

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