Video Verified Alarms Lead to More Arrests



Fluent Solutions is proud to offer a comprehensive set of video verified security products and services to its valued clients. Video verified alarms represent an example of the latest state-of-the-art technology that takes security to the next level.

Video verified alarm equipment quite literally enables a video of the triggering event to be transmitted to the monitoring center. A picture is truly worth a thousand words and with this technology, the monitoring center will have the picture of what is occurring at the premises that has threatened its security.


Having this enhanced technology has numerous advantages including but not limited to exponentially increasing the probabilities of ultimately identifying and catching the intruder, increasing the response time for emergency personnel and presenting a highly efficient and aesthetically appealing apparatus.

This feature may be easily utilized and accessed through convenient apps on mobile devices. This technology may be used in both outdoor and indoor facilities and is an extraordinary outside the box concept for businesses seeking sophisticated state-of-the-art security solutions.

The benefits for commercial customers begin right at the time of installation; wireless installs are faster than traditional wired installations. Therefore, they tend to be more cost effective. As an upgrade to existing intrusion systems, Fluent’s video verification smoothly integrates with the current burglar alarm to enhance an existing system with video for faster police/authority response. For new installs, Fluent’s video verification solution offers a complete standalone system with keypads, sirens, door contacts and other peripherals.

  • Wireless sensors and other devices may be installed wherever sensors/cameras are needed.
  • Actual video verification of a burglary in progress allows for faster and more accurate police response.
  • The sooner law enforcement arrives on scene, the less time intruders have to inflict injury, engage in theft or damage property.
  • Faster response times lead to far more criminal arrests and a reduction in the number and amount of insurance claims.
  • Absolutely no wires to cut on our surveillance motion viewers. Reliable wireless performance means that even if the camera is removed by an intruder, it can continue transmitting video for the police response.

If a business owner exclusively relied on traditional surveillance cameras, the solution would greatly reduce the chances of ever stopping a crime from occurring.

On the other hand, when a business owner or security personnel are alerted to an event that has been detected by a Fluent Solution smart surveillance camera, one may efficiently see and comprehend the situation at hand in real-time, and react accordingly.

“Trying to ‘catch’ an intruder in the act by watching video monitors at the exact moment a break-in occurs is highly unlikely for a number of reasons. The most prevalent is that people, even with the best of intentions, quickly tire staring at monitors.

This approach combines the strengths of machines and people to do what they each do best. Machines — in the form of smart cameras — never tire, and people, when alerted, can make the right decisions about how to respond.”

- SIA Board Member, ref.


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