GPS Vehicle Tracking for Pest Control Fleets and One-Man ops


As a service professional, ensuring consistent on-time delivery is not a preference but an absolute necessity. When ants, roaches, and spiders are attacking your customers’ homes, they want service immediately. Your ability to expedite service calls directly correlates to your customers’ level of satisfaction with your company or branch. The ability to intelligently dispatch through using Fluent vehicle GPS tracking will also garner you far more referrals than you might otherwise receive.

Interestingly, a series of studies by a leading business technology groups has shown that enterprises who utilize GPS vehicle tracking with their fleets tend to experience significant cost reductions and vastly improved employee productivity:

  • 23% increase in the number of service calls completed per day
  • 14.8% reduction in travel time per job
  • 13.2% reduction in fuel costs

The EPA estimates that one hour of idling time uses 0.82 gallons of fuel. Traveling 5 mph over the speed limit increases fuel costs by $0.20 a gallon. Doing the math, this quickly adds up…


Assume you have 10 trucks on the road. If all 10 technicians are idle for only one hour, each day while servicing their routes, they will have incurred a 41 gallon deficit just in idle time. (It should be noted that one hour per day of idling is a conservative example as the average tends to be significantly higher).

At $3.50/gallon, you’re paying nearly $600/month in idle gas; this equates to $7,000.00 annually in wasted money because of wasted gas.


Additionally, the Fluent Locate GPS package for Pest Management Companies offers the following data for insight into your company:gps_equipment

  • Speed Violation Alerts: Set predetermined thresholds that activate when the vehicle exceeds thegps_equipment speed allowed.
  • Excessive Idling Alerts: Be alerted when your companies’ technicians are wasting money leaving trucks and other vehicles on when they should be off.
  • Geofence Alert: Sends messages to defined personnel when vehicles enter/exit virtual zone perimeters around a specific geographic location you have mapped in our software… no more weekend visits to the casinos in company vehicles.
  • Ignition Alerts: Notifies of unauthorized company vehicle use with instant alerts to company personnel when vehicles are used outside of specified operating hours.

What are the Benefits for my Company?

Improve Efficiency

  • Geofence and Ignition Alerts allow management to monitor and ensure that service technicians are on schedule and following assigned routes.

Wiser Expenditure Reports

  • Save on fuel and maintenance costs through eliminating unnecessary and hazardous driving.
  • Reduce the risk of accidents through active monitoring, speed alerts, zone alerts, and ignition alerts, avoiding higher insurance premiums.
  • Monitor and react to after-hours vehicle use and unauthorized stops or delays throughout the work day.

Protect Your Brand

  • Maintain a confident knowledge that your superior pest management brand is accurately being represented professionally by service technicians and other drivers while in the field.


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